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is this the real life....

...is this just fantasy.....

24 November
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"give him some room give some room, let him think......::rols eyes:: hey Jack, ya done thinkin yet" :Newsies: ~Race & Les

"I'm like a porceline doll...that was just broken into a thousand little pieces by a careless little child..." :a hopeless girl:

"the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" :Moulin Rouge: ~Tulous

"When i dream on my own, im alone but i aint lonely, for a dreamer noghts the only time of day" :Newsies: ~Jack (Santa Fe)

"Love is like oxygen, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love" :Moulin Rouge: ~Christian

"My life is a song just waiting to be sung" :some girl:

"Why live life from dream to dream, and dread the day when dreaming ends" :Moulin Rouge: ~Satine (One Day I'll Fly Away)

"and keep your hands off...my grandson neil" :2 random friends: ~Kay-tee & Brittney

"Tomorow they may wrap fishes in it, but i was a star for one whiole minute" :Newsies: ~King of New York

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"i'm so tired of being here
suppressed by all of my childish fears
and if you have to leave
i wish that you would just leave
becasue your presence still lingers here
and it won't leave me alone
these wounds won't seem to heal
this pain is just too real
there's just to much that time cannot erase..."